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A couple of weeks back, Solar VPS President and COO Ross Brouse (@RossBrouse), gave a technical keynote presentation at New York City’s Cloud Expo. The presentation covered corporate Cloud adoption – how Cloud adoption begins on the couch and makes it all the way to the boardroom. Well, in this short article, we are going to run with that flag and dive into the topic a bit. So, if you’re a company of any size looking to fully Cloudize (word, not a word? We think it should be), err, make the jump into the Cloud, here are a few tips for successful Cloud computing adoption. Understand the Difference Before even considering a move into the Cloud, companies and non-IT minds need to understand the difference between the public Cloud and the private Cloud. Are you streaming music via Spotify right now? Are you looking at a friend’s Facebook status, tweeting to a person hal... (more)

Cloud Expo 2013: CosmoCredit TOS

HEY THERE CLOUD EXPO ATTENDEE…we see you have come to the CosmoCredit Terms of Service page to investigate the rules and regulations of the Solar VPS CosmoCredit giveaway. Well, here they are: All prizes are applicable to base Windows and Linux Pods. Base Linux Pods consist of 2GB of Memory, 20GB of Disk Space, 1 TB of Bandwidth and 1 CPU Core. The value of our base Solar VPS Linux Pod is $17.50 per month. Base Windows Pods consist of 2GB of Memory, 40GB of Disk Space, 1 TB of Bandwidth and 1 CPU core. The value of our base Solar VPS Windows Pod is $29.50 per month. All additional... (more)

SolarSystem Disaster Recovery

SolarSystem Disaster Recovery Introducing SolarSystem Disaster Recovery Today we want to talk about a powerful SolarSystem tool, SolarSystem Disaster Recovery. The tool gives Solar VPS clients the ability to backup and restore all their data on one of their server(s). SolarSystem Disaster Recovery means even if you make a mistake and accidentally delete your data, we have your back. When ordering a new Pod or upgrading an existing Pod, you now have the option to order SolarSystem Disaster Recovery. SolarSystem Disaster Recovery allows you to backup and restore your server data. ... (more)

Keep Cloud Marketing Simple, Stupid

This is a topic our marketing team talks about all the time. On an almost daily basis our marketing teams chats about how to effectively market Cloud solutions to the web hosting market and the non web hosting market. The more important part of that statement is the later. The non web hosting market. For the longest time, as far as we can recall, the web hosting industry and web hosting vendors have been mostly satisfied selling their solutions to members of the web hosting community – i.e. consumers who know what the difference between a VPS and a dedicated server is. But here’s... (more)

On the Growing Importance of Google Fiber

Google Fiber is Coming to Austin, TX If you are like us, for the past few years you have been rabidly following the development, the implementation, the road blocks and the growing success of Google Fiber. With a growing presence in the Kansas City area and now a growing sphere in Austin, TX, Google Fiber is begining to branch out to various parts of the country supplying consumers with 1 gig connections that are putting pressure on other Internet/broadband providers locally and nationally. But the question remain, with the promise of 1 gig speeds, what is the true importance of... (more)